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Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation  CH

Amended Date: 2019.02.12
Article 47-6     An issuer of ETNs shall submit the following information according to the required schedule:
  1. When publishing information about rights and interests of holders of ETNS, an issuer shall enter the information to the online information reporting system at the website designated by the TWSE. If it fails to publish information required to be published or the information it has published is inadequate, the TWSE may send a written notice asking it to publish the information or provide supplementary or corrected information.
  2. Four copies of the prospectus the ETNs shall be submitted prior to beginning of trading at the TWSE market.
  3. Other information to be submitted as required by the competent authorities and the TWSE.
    The TWSE may grant public access to the information submitted in accordance with the preceding paragraph in its original or in abstract copy.