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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Rules Governing Financial and Business Matters Between this Corporation and its Affiliated Enterprises  CH

Amended Date: 2014.02.21
Article 12     With respect to any financial or business interaction between this Corporation and any affiliated enterprise that requires a resolution of the board of directors, full consideration shall be given to each independent director's opinion. Specific opinions by independent directors expressing assent or dissent, and the reasons for dissent, shall be included in the minutes of board meetings.
    When a director is an interested party with respect to a particular agenda item, that director shall enter into recusal and may neither vote on that item nor exercise voting rights as proxy for another director. Directors shall maintain self-discipline among themselves and may not enter into relationships of inappropriate mutual support with other directors.
    Upon discovering that, in the course of their duties, the board of directors or a director has committed a violation of law or regulation, the articles of incorporation, or a shareholders meeting resolution, a supervisor shall immediately notify the board of directors or the individual director to cease the misconduct, and shall take appropriate measures to curb expansion of the misconduct. When necessary, a supervisor shall also file a report with the relevant regulatory authority or agency.