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Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2014.11.07
Article 23     TWSE/GTSM listed companies shall adopt a concrete whistle-blowing system and scrupulously operate the system. The whistle-blowing system shall include at least the following:
  1. An independent mailbox or hotline, either internally established and publicly announced or provided by an independent external institution, to allow internal and external personnel of the company to submit reports.
  2. Dedicated personnel or unit appointed to handle whistle-blowing system. Any tip involving a director or senior manager shall be reported to the independent directors or supervisors. Categories of reported misconduct shall be delineated and standard operating procedures for the investigation of each shall be adopted.
  3. Documentation of case acceptance, investigation processes, investigation results, and relevant documents.
  4. Confidentiality of the identity of whistle-blowers and the content of reported cases.
  5. Measures for protecting whistle-blowers from inappropriate disciplinary actions due to their whistle-blowing.
  6. Whistle-blowing incentive measures.
    When material misconduct or likelihood of material impairment to the TWSE/GTSM listed company comes to their awareness upon investigation, the dedicated personnel or unit handling the whistle-blowing system shall immediately prepare a report and notify the independent directors or supervisors in written form.