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Operating Rules for Securities Firms Handling Margin Purchases and Short Sales of Securities 

Amended Date: 2019.02.12 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Margin Transaction
Article 6     A securities firm shall fix, and file with the competent authority for recordation, the interest and fee rates with respect to the margin loan interest and short sale handling fees receivable from customers, as well as short sale proceeds and short sale margin interest payable to customers, for conducting securities trading margin purchase and short sale operations.
    Before providing securities borrowed through the TWSE securities lending system, securities borrowed from customers in money lending conducted in connection with securities business, securities borrowed from securities firms or securities finance enterprises conducting money lending in connection with securities business or conducting margin purchases and short sales of securities (“Borrowed Securities”), or its proprietary shares of securities (“Proprietary Securities”), to a customer for short selling, a securities firm shall determine the rate, calculation, and method of collection of the short sale fee with the customer, where the interest rate shall be below 20% per annum.
    Upon adjustment to any interest rates or fee rates described in the preceding two paragraphs, the adjusted interest or fee rates shall apply to any and all open positions in margin purchases and short sales as from the date of the adjustment.
    The payment and receipt of interests and fees are determined by the securities firm where the extension in paragraph 6 of the preceding article exceeds the duration of the margin purchase and short sale.
    A securities firm shall charge a short sale handling fee from customers for providing securities acquired through margin purchases to them for short selling, and shall charge a short sale fee from customers for providing Borrowed Securities or Proprietary Securities to them for short selling.

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