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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Directions for the Handling of Computer Malfunctions, Public Announcement of Hot Stocks, and Order Congestion 

Amended Date: 2013.05.14 
Categories: Information Operations
1     Computer Malfunctions
    When the computers of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) encounter emergency malfunctions, securities firm are requested to instruct their personnel to check MIS real-time messages and mainframe connection single messages, to ascertain whether there exist procedures to take or directions to comply with, and notify the personnel in charge and relevant staff of the countermeasures to adopt.
2     Public announcement of hot stocks
    When the computer department of the TWSE finds out that there are individual hot stocks that may result in order congestion, it will notify securities firms of the procedures to take in mainframe connection single messages and MIS real-time messages, briefly stating, "Announcement of the computer department of the TWSE: Due to a large quantity of orders for (STOCK) today (date), each securities firm is kindly requested to use input orders through an independent channel (SOCKET/SESSION) or suspend input in regard to such stock, to avoid input of orders of other stocks being affected". Securities firms are also kindly requested to notify the personnel in charge and relevant staff of the countermeasures to take upon discovery of the above-mentioned MIS real-time messages or mainframe connection single messages during trading hours.
3     Directions for handling order congestion
    In the event of a large quantity of orders for an individual stock where the order processing time of that stock is affected due to the large quantity causing "order congestion", the TWSE will immediately use the mainframe connection single message function (file code S10) to send to all securities firms material information on stock order congestion. You should perform the following upon receipt of the information:
  1. send the orders for "the stock of order congestion" through a fixed channel (SOCKET/SESSION)and wait for a return message confirming receipt of an order before inputting the next order. Design of the ordering system on the securities firm's side in such a way that orders are sent in the form of temporary files to the TWSE shall be avoided. Such design would affect securities firms' distribution of the "stock of order congestion" through a fixed order channel.
  2. other stocks are to be sent by other order channel.
  3. if you fail to perform the above correctly, all order channels will be occupied by "stocks of order congestion", preventing all stocks in the ordering system from operating normally.
4     Others
    If part of your order line connection experiences malfunction which prevents orders from being placed, apart from contacting the TWSE for assistance with inspection, please also operate consigned ordering through other channel with normal connection. For example, in the event of malfunction with FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol ), please input orders through the TMP ordering channel.