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Regulations Governing Information to be Published in Financial Institution Prospectuses for Offering and Issuance of Securities 

Amended Date: 2020.03.24 

   Chapter 3 Simplified Prospectus

Article 35
A company shall deliver to its subscribers or placees the prospectus along with subscription payment form prior to offering and issuing securities. However if a company has prepared the prospectus in accordance with Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2 of Article 6 herein, and has transmitted it in an electronic file to the information reporting website designated by the FSC, the company only needs to deliver a simplified prospectus along with the subscription payment form to subscribers or placees.
The simplified prospectus in the preceding paragraph shall contain the following information: (Attachment 69-1):
1. Company's common stock code, a website on which the prospectus is available for subscribers or placees to browse, and any situation provided under the subparagraphs of Paragraph 3, Article 3 herein.
2. Brief description of the securities offering and issuance plan and expected benefits.
3. Audit or review opinion on CPA-audited or reviewed financial reports, condensed balance sheet and statement of comprehensive income in the past three years and the most recent period.
4. Information required under Subparagraphs 3 ~ 5 of Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2, Article 32 herein; in case of issuance of new shares in connection with merger, demerger, acquisition, acquisition of another company's shares, the opinion of an independent expert on the reasonableness of share conversion ratio.
5. Corporate seal and signature or seal of responsible person.
6. Other necessary information.
Article 36
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