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Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies 

Amended Date: 2020.02.13 
Categories: Corporate Governance

   Chapter I General Principles

Article 1
    In order to assist companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation ("TWSE") and GreTai Securities Market ("GTSM") (collectively referred to as "TWSE/GTSM listed companies") to fulfill their corporate social responsibility initiatives and to promote economic, environmental, and social advancement for purposes of sustainable development, the TWSE and GTSM hereby jointly adopt the Principles to be followed by TWSE/GTSM listed companies.
    TWSE/GTSM listed companies are advised to promulgate their own corporate social responsibility principles in accordance with the Principles to manage their economic, environmental and social risks and impact.
Article 2
    The Principles apply to TWSE/GTSM listed companies, including the entire operations of each such company and its business group.
    The Principles encourage TWSE/GTSM listed companies to actively fulfill their corporate social responsibility in the course of their business operations so as to follow international development trends and to contribute to the economic development of the country, to improve the quality of life of employees, the community and society by acting as responsible corporate citizens, and to enhance competitive edges built on corporate social responsibility.
Article 3
    In fulfilling corporate social responsibility initiatives, TWSE/GTSM listed companies shall, in its corporate management guidelines and business operations, give due consideration to the rights and interests of stakeholders and, while pursuing sustainable operations and profits, also give due consideration to the environment, society and corporate governance.
    TWSE/GTSM listed companies shall, in accordance with the materiality principle, conduct risk assessments of environmental, social and corporate governance issues pertaining to company operations and establish the relevant risk management policy or strategy.
Article 4
    To implement corporate social responsibility initiatives, TWSE/GTSM listed companies are advised to follow the principles below:
  1. Exercise corporate governance.
  2. Foster a sustainable environment.
  3. Preserve public welfare.
  4. Enhance disclosure of corporate social responsibility information.
Article 5
    TWSE/GTSM listed companies shall take into consideration the correlation between the development of domestic and international corporate social responsibility principles and corporate core business operations, and the effect of the operation of individual companies and of their respective business groups as a whole on stakeholders, in establishing their policies, systems or relevant management guidelines, and concrete promotion plans for corporate social responsibility programs, which shall be approved by the board of directors and then reported to the shareholders meeting.
    When a shareholder proposes a motion involving corporate social responsibility, the company's board of directors is advised to review and consider including it in the shareholders meeting agenda.
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