Regulations Governing the Administration of Shareholder Services of Public Companies 

Amended Date: 2022.03.04 
   Chapter I General Provisions §1
   Chapter II Company Shareholder Services §13
      Section I The Format of and the Production of Stock Certificates §13
      Section II Shareholders Register and Shareholder Account Opening §18
      Section III Transfer, Registration of Changes, Pledges, and Loss Reporting Procedures of Stock Certificates §23
      Section IV Book Closure, Distribution of Dividends, and Issuance of New Capital Stocks §41
   Chapter II-1 Exercising Shareholders' Meeting Voting Rights in Writing or by Means of Electronic Transmission §44-1
   Chapter II-2 Shareholders' Meetings With Video Conferencing §44-9
   Chapter III Management of the Shareholdings of Directors, Supervisors, Managerial Officers and Shareholders Holding More than 10 Percent of the Total Shares §45
   Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions §49