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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for Review of Securities Listings 

Amended Date: 2021.03.31 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
   Chapter 1 General Principles §1
   Chapter 2 Receipt of Applications and Delegation of Review Cases §3
   Chapter 3 Review Process for Initial Stock Listing Applications §5
   Chapter 4 Listing of Same-Class Capital-Increase Shares, Certificates of Entitlement to New Shares, Certificates of Payment for Stock, and Certificates of Entitlement to Shares from Redemption of Convertible Corporate Bonds, Issued by Listed Companies §9
   Chapter 5 Listing Review of Shares of Different Classes From Those Already Listed (Including Various Preferred Shares With Different Rights and Obligations) Issued by Listed Companies for Capital Increase §11
   Chapter 6 (deleted) §12
   Chapter 7 Bonds Issued by the Republic of China Government, Foreign Governments, and International Organizations Shall be Listed by Public Announcement Following Written Notification by the Competent Authority §13
      Chapter 8 Review of Listing Applications for Corporate Bonds Issued by Domestic Listed Companies and Foreign Companies §13
   Chapter 9 Review of Listing of Beneficiary Certificates §14
   Chapter 10 Review of Listing of Other Securities §15
   Chapter 11 Review and Deliberation by the Securities Listing Review Committee §16
   Chapter 12 Ratification by the Board of Directors §20
   Chapter 13 Reporting to the Competent Authority §22
   Chapter 14 Rejection of Initial Stock Listing Applications and Reconsiderations §26
   Chapter 15 Listing of Stocks for Trading §29
   Chapter 16 Supplementary Provisions §30
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