Title: Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation(2011.10.26)
Article 94   After a brokerage trade has been executed, the securities broker may collect a processing fee from the principal. The fee schedule shall be formulated by the TWSE and approved by the Competent Authority.
A securities broker may at its sole discretion adopt a rate schedule, based on the customer transaction amount, for securities transactions fees that it collects, and may also adopt discounts and single-order minimum fees, and shall report such schedule, discounts, and fees to the TWSE for recordation through the One-Stop Window for Securities Firm Filings before implementation. After collecting transaction fees, a securities broker may settle accounts at regular intervals (e.g. monthly, weekly). Any amount refundable or deductible shall be transferred into the original customer's settlement account, and recorded in the customer's monthly reconciliation statement and the monthly accounting summary filed with the TWSE. If the fee adopted by a securities broker exceeds 0.1425 percent of the amount of a transaction, the securities broker shall notify the customer of this fact by an appropriate method before accepting the order, and retain a record of that notification, provided that offshore overseas Chinese and foreign nationals may be notified before settlement.
A securities broker shall not pay, in whole or in part, any processing fee receivable by it to any introducing person related to the trading as their remuneration; provided, this restriction shall not apply to any of the following circumstances:
1. where it is paid under a contract to a foreign financial institution that is registered and permitted by the competent authority of the local country to operate securities business.
2. where, under a contract entered into for cross-selling, it is paid to a subsidiary of the financial holding company.
The term “local country” in subparagraph 1 of the preceding paragraph shall be separately defined by the TWSE.