Title: Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation(2013.07.05)
Article 20       A securities firm shall establish its business premises at the registered office, and may not share its business premises with other securities firms. In case of a major event of force majeure such that it may not normally operate at its business premises, a securities firm may search for a temporary business premises and apply to the TWSE for continued operation. The use of such premises shall not exceed 3 months, and before the expiration of this time period, a permanent business premises shall be located. Such replacement location shall conform with the TWSE Standards Governing the Places of Business and Facilities of Securities Firms and Securities Introducing Brokers, and the changes shall be reported in accordance with the regulations before it may commence business.
    The standards for business premises and facilities shall be drafted by the TWSE and approved by the Competent Authority.
    The price competition terminal equipment used for direct or indirect linkage between the securities firms and the TWSE shall be installed as follows:
  1. Securities brokers shall install such equipment at the business counters of the business premises of their head offices and branches.
  2. Securities dealers shall install such equipment at their business premises.
    In the event that a major event of force majeure occurs to the information transmission system of a securities firm such that its terminal equipment develops malfunction, the securities firm may do one of the following at its choice:
  1. borrow the terminal equipment of its head office or branch and report in writing to the TWSE on the following business day for recordation, or
  2. borrow the spare terminal equipment of the TWSE in the market, limited to two sets. The securities firm shall contact the TWSE by telephone in advance and submit an application bearing its corporate seal and the seal of its responsible person to the TWSE, or
  3. if it has already applied to the TWSE for an Integrated Services Digital Network (lSDN) telephone network connection, it may connect by means of ISDN.