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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Securities Borrowing and Lending Rules(2012.11.15)

Article 38
    In the event of book closure by an issuing company of collateral securities, the TWSE shall prepare a title transfer list and electronic data file incorporating information on the securities of that issuing company, and further, on the business day preceding the issuing company's book closure date, deliver the same to the central securities depository to effect the title transfers with the issuing company or with its stock registrar and transfer agent on behalf of the relevant parties.
    A lender in a fixed-price or competitive auction transaction wishing to exercise any attached voting rights shall make a recall request prior to the holder-of-record date for the relevant shareholders' meeting and in accordance with the recall notification period under the original lending terms; the TWSE will give notice to the securities firm, to be forwarded to the borrower, advising of the request.

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