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Contract for the Listing of Taiwan Depositary Receipts(2006.05.03)

Contract for the Listing of Taiwan Depositary Receipts
___________________ Company ("the Issuer") and the depository institution retained by it, ___________________ ("the Depository Institution"), have applied to the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE), in accordance with Article 139 of the Securities and Exchange Act, to list on the TWSE the Taiwan depositary receipts which they have received approval to issue publicly. In accordance with Article 141 of the same Act, and on the basis of the matters prescribed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Contracts for the Listing of Taiwan Depositary Receipts, the parties, having agreed to establish this contract, hereby set out provisions for compliance by the two parties, as follows:
Article 1
The Issuer is applying by means of this contract for an initial listing of the following Taiwan depositary receipts:
│Date of │No. of │Price │Total │Type of │Notes │
│issuance │units to │per unit│value of│securiti│ │
│ │be issued │(NT$) │issue │ │ │
│ │ │ │ │ │ │
│ │ │ │ │ │ │
If the number of the Issuer's listed Taiwan depositary receipts is subsequently increased or decreased, or if there is a change in particular items due to a change in the company's name, a capital decrease, or some other reason, then the TWSE-approved registration statement for listing of the Taiwan depositary receipts, or the increase or decrease of listed Taiwan depositary receipts or other amended items set out in the application for amendment of the contract for listed Taiwan depositary receipts, will also be an integral part of this contract.
Article 2
When, due to a change in the equity holdings of a director, supervisor, or managerial officer, or of a shareholder holding more than 10 percent of its shares, the Issuer is required under the laws and regulations of its home country or a country where its stock is listed to file and publicly announce that information in any one location, then its depository institution within the territory of the Republic of China shall be required to simultaneously file the same information with the competent authority and the TWSE and to publicly announce the information.
Article 3
After the competent authority approves this contract, the Issuer and its depository institution shall be subject mutatis mutandis to the company stock listing fee standards set out in the listing fee rate standards adopted by the TWSE, and shall pay a listing fee to the TWSE upon initial listing and within one month of the beginning of each year thereafter.
Article 4
The TWSE may impose an altered trading method on listed Taiwan depositary receipts on the basis of applicable laws, regulations, or TWSE bylaws, or when it deems it necessary for some other reason sufficient to affect market order or investor rights and interests, and shall report the matter to the competent authority for recordation within one month after implementation; or, after applying to and receiving approval from the competent authority, it may suspend trading of or delist the listed Taiwan depositary receipts.
Article 5
Any disputes arising in connection with the listing contract shall be resolved through arbitration, applying mutatis mutandis the arbitration provisions of the Securities and Exchange Act and the Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation.
Article 6
This contract is made in five originals. One original shall be delivered to the competent authority, and the remaining originals held by the Issuer, the depository institution, and the TWSE.
Article 7
This contract shall take effect after it has been reported to and approved by the competent authority.

This contract was filed with the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan, and approved by it on [DD / MM / YY ] per Letter No. ________.

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