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Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation(2003.08.15)

Article 79
 Trading consignments to a securities broker shall be limited to trading consignments at a designated price. Provided, a securities broker may accept authorization from a domestic institutional investor, offshore juristic person, or qualified foreign institutional investor, to decide on its behalf the price and time of placement of an order within the range of the price limits specified by said institution, and the broker shall retain the customer consignment authorization record in accordance with regulations.
 Where the consignment referred to in the preceding Paragraph is made without specifying the term of validity, such consignment shall be effective only on the date of consignment. Where a securities broker accepts the consignment through internet or other electronic means, the effective date shall be agreed, and the consignee through internet shall show such effective date on the order screen of the web page.
 Consignment to trade at a designated price shall mean that the principal consigns a securities broker to trade at a designated price. The execution price may be equal to or lower than the designated price in the case of purchases, and may be equal to or higher than the designated price in the case of sales.
The terms "domestic institutional investor, offshore juristic person" in paragraph 1 refer to domestic and foreign banks, insurance companies, fund management companies, securities firms, government investment institutions, government funds, mutual funds, unit trusts, investment trusts, trust enterprises, and academic or charitable institutions.

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