Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for the Review of Financial Reports of TWSE Secondary Listed Companies Receipts 

Amended Date: 2018.04.27 
Categories: Primary Market > Management > Secondary Listings
Article 4     If any of the following circumstances applies to the financial reports of a TWSE secondary listed company or the CPA's review reports, the TWSE may contact the TWSE secondary listed company for an explanation. If, after analysis, the TWSE finds the explanation obviously unreasonable or that it contains material irregularities, the TWSE may request the TWSE secondary listed company to hire a CPA of the place of its original listing to provide an opinion on the TWSE's inquiries, or to conduct a special audit and prepare a report. However, with legitimate reason and with the approval of the TWSE, the TWSE secondary listed company may hire another CPA to carry out the above-mentioned matters.
  1. The TWSE secondary listed company does not publicly announce and file written financial reports as required.
  2. The CPA of the place of the original listing issues an audit report other than one with an unqualified opinion or a review report other than one with an unqualified conclusion.
  3. The ROC CPA that performed the review issues a non-standard report, or there is a material difference between the financial reports before and after reconciliation.
  4. There is a material change in the company's financial or operating conditions.
  5. The competent authority or the TWSE deems it necessary for other reasons.
    A TWSE secondary listed company shall submit to the TWSE, within the time limit it prescribes, the opinions or special audit reports of the preceding paragraph and other related information.