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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Supervisors  CH

Amended Date: 2020.06.03 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 10     (Review of the business and finances of this Company)
    A supervisor shall supervise the business execution of this Company and may at any time investigate the financial and business conditions of this Company, audit, transcribe or copy books and documents, and the relevant departments in this Company shall provide the books and documents that may be required by the investigation.
    When reviewing the financial or business conditions of this Company, a supervisor may retain attorneys or accountants on behalf of this Company to perform the review, provided that they shall inform the relevant persons of their confidentiality obligations.
    The board of directors or managerial officers shall submit reports at the request of a supervisor and may not for any reason obstruct, evade, or refuse the inspections of the supervisors.
    When a supervisor performs his or her duties, this Company shall provide the necessary assistance in accordance with the needs of the supervisor, and any reasonable expenses required for such assistance shall be borne by this Company.