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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Supervisors  CH

Amended Date: 2020.06.03 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 11     (Communication channels with relevant personnel in this Company)
    The supervisors shall conduct periodic discussions with the internal auditors regarding their examination of deficiencies in the internal control system, and shall make a record of the discussions.
    This Company shall establish a channel for communication between its employees, shareholders, and interested parties and the supervisors in order to facilitate the supervisory duties of the supervisors.
    Upon discovering any misconduct, a supervisor shall take timely measures to curb its expansion, and if necessary shall file a report with the competent authority or relevant regulatory agencies.
    If any of a TSWE or GTSM listed company's independent directors, general managers, heads of finance, accounting, research and development, or internal audit departments, or CPAs resigns or is removed from their position, the supervisors shall closely investigate the reasons and make necessary recommendations or take necessary measures.