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Securities and Exchange Act 

Amended Date: 2021.01.27 
Article 33 (Payment for Subscription of Stocks or Bonds)
    The stock or bond subscriber shall deliver the payment due for the subscription of stocks or bonds, together with the subscription forms for stocks or bonds, to the collecting agent. Upon receipt of the payment, the collecting agent shall deliver to the subscriber a stock or bond certificate of payment signed and sealed by the issuer.
    Both the certificate of payment referred to in the preceding paragraph and its counterpart shall be signed and sealed by the collecting agent, and the counterpart certificate shall be returned to the issuer.
    In the issuance of new shares by an issuer under this Act, where the publicly announced period for payment of subscription pursuant to Article 273 is longer than one month, the failure of a subscriber to effect payment within the said period shall result in the forfeiture of his/her rights of subscription. The provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 266 of the Company Act applying mutatis mutandis the provisions of Article 142 of the Company Act shall not be applicable.

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