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Regulations Governing Stock Exchanges 

Amended Date: 2012.07.11 
Article 13     To incorporate a company type stock exchange, all its shareholders shall prepare the following documents, each in three copies, and file with the FSC for approval:
  1. Application form.
  2. Articles of incorporation and operating rules.
  3. List of shareholders.
  4. A statement indicating the conditions of business premises and facilities.
  5. List of directors and supervisors and photocopies of their identification cards.
  6. Director and supervisor registration form and a written statement declaring that they are free of the conditions prohibited in Article 53, subparagraphs 1 to 4 and subparagraph 6 of the Act.
  7. Documentary proof of full payment for shares to the designated bank account.
  8. Business forecast report of the first year.
  9. Financial and audit reports certified by certified public accountants.
  10. Minutes of the promoters' meeting.

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