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Regulations Governing Stock Exchanges 

Amended Date: 2012.07.11 
Article 33     A stock exchange shall report to the FSC in the event of the following matters:
  1. The centralized securities exchange market has been closed for more than 1 business day as a result of the occurrence of sudden events of force majeure or the reopening after such events.
  2. The responsible person or associated person of a stock exchange, its members, securities dealers and securities brokers has been involved in litigation or has been sentenced as a result of performing duties or has become bankrupt, or becomes the debtor in a compulsory enforcement proceeding, or the checks issued by the preceding person have been bounced by banks, or the banks have refused to deal with such person or such person shall be sanctioned by removing from office in accordance with the Act.
  3. The joining or withdrawal of members .
  4. The establishment, modification or termination of the contract of utilizing the centralized securities exchange market between securities dealers or brokers and the stock exchange.
  5. The sanctions taken against members, securities dealers, and securities brokers in accordance with Article 110 or 133 of the Act except sanctions of expulsion and terminating the contract.
  6. The use of the settlement and clearing fund deposited by securities firms in the stock exchange.
  7. Resolutions of the meeting of board of directors.
  8. Cooperation agreement or memorandum signed with foreign stock exchange, self-disciplinary organization or other institution.
  9. Other matters designated by the FSC as matters which shall be reported to the FSC.

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