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Regulations Governing The Use Of Trading Information 

Amended Date: 2013.01.28 
Categories: Information Operations
Article 17     User applicants shall prepare and submit to the TWSE lists of the equipment to be used or of the channels through which trading information will be broadcast; any additions or changes to such information shall be reported to the TWSE not later than the fifth day of each month.
    User applicants which transmit the trading information in the designated manner and have established files for the administration of their subscribers may be exempted from preparing and filing with the TWSE the list of information equipment in use as required by the provisions of Article 24, paragraph 2 of the these Regulations, and may further be exempted from submitting to the TWSE not later than the fifth day of each month the reports on new subscribers or changes in the subscriber list, provided that such user applicants shall make their subscriber administration files available at their head offices for audit by the TWSE.