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Regulations Governing the Review of Professional Development Institutions for Principal Accounting Officers of Issuers, Securities Firms, and Securities Exchanges 

Announced Date: 2006.06.08 
Article 4     Instructors at professional development institutions for principal accounting officers shall possess one of the following qualifications:
  1. One or more years of experience teaching courses in accounting, auditing, financial laws and regulations, professional ethics, legal liability, or other related subjects at a domestic or foreign junior college or higher-level educational institution.
  2. Holding the position of principal accounting officer of a public company, securities firm, or securities exchange, or having three or more years of work experience in related duties.
  3. Having studied and obtained a master's or higher degree in securities, futures, banking, insurance, finance, accounting, law, or related departments at a foreign or domestic graduate studies institute.
  4. Holding a managerial position at the competent authority for financial enterprises in the areas of securities, futures, banking, or insurance, or having three or more years of work experience in related duties.
  5. Holding a domestic or foreign certificate of qualification through examination for the position of certified public accountant, judge, public prosecutor, or attorney.