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Regulations Governing the Offering and Issuance of Securities by Securities Issuers 

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 57
    An issuer registering issuance of employee stock warrants shall, after the reporting to the FSC has taken effect, on the day next following the arrival of the notification of effective registration, make public announcement for the main content of the requirements for issuance and subscription. If performance of contract is conducted by means of issuance of new shares, any possible dilution of the shareholders' equity shall also be publicly announced.
    An issuer registering issuance of employee stock warrants shall, after the registration has become effective, input the status of the issuance into the website specified by the FSC for reporting of information on the day following the issuance or the expiry of the issuance period.
    For an issuer registering issuance of employee stock warrants, where the issuer executes its contractual obligations using already issued shares, once the registration with the FSC has become effective, the issuer shall, within 2 days of a directors' meeting resolving that the company shall repurchase its own shares for use as employee stock warrants as part of the execution of its contraction obligations, publicly announce the cost of the shares which it anticipates to obtain, the difference between the price of the employee stock warrants and the company's cost of obtaining the shares, and any effects on shareholders' equity.
    Any change in the main content regarding the terms and conditions of the issuance as referred in paragraph 1 shall be made only after being approved by the majority votes in a meeting of Board of Directors at which two-thirds or more directors are present, and public announcement shall be made after the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Director and relevant materials regarding the amendment have been submitted to the FSC for recordation.
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