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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Issuers of Call (Put) Warrants 

Amended Date: 2020.05.27 
Categories: Primary Market > Management > Information Disclosure
Article 5
    To save time, a Public Statement filled out by an issuer in accordance with Article 3 shall be sent to the TWSE by facsimile first, and then the original copy shall be delivered to the TWSE. If any discrepancy is found to exist between the original copy and the faxed copy, the issuer shall be responsible for the discrepancy and make a public announcement to clarify it. A foreign issuer shall present the information truthfully in English accompanied by a Chinese summary, or only in Chinese. The responsible person or managerial person of the issuer shall affix his/her seal thereto to show his/her responsibility.


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