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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for Review of Securities Listings 

Amended Date: 2020.03.30 (Articles 11, 12 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2019.12.23 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 7-1
    The following applications for TWSE listing of stocks will be handled by document review and exempted from review by the Review Committee. The administering department, however, as it deems necessary, may undertake an on-site audit and submit the case for review by the Review Committee, subject to prior signed authorization by the president of the TWSE:
  1. Where a company whose stock is already listed and traded on the GTSM pursuant to Article 3 of the GreTai Securities Market Rules Governing the Review of Securities for Trading on the GTSM applies for TWSE listing of its stock.
  2. Where a company applies for TWSE listing of its stock pursuant to Article 53-8, 53-18, 53-21, or 53-24 of the TWSE Operating Rules.
    With respect to an application case exempt from review by the Review Committee pursuant to the preceding paragraph, except for a review of the underwriter's working papers for assessment of items under Article 9 of the TWSE Rules Governing Review of Securities Listings, Articles 6 and 7 herein regarding the working papers of the CPAs, underwriter and lawyers need not apply.

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