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Statute For Investment By Overseas Chinese 

Amended Date: 1997.11.19 
Article 16
Where an invested enterprise is organized as a company under the Company Law, the investor thereof may be exempt from the restrictions on his/her domicile in the Republic of China and on the amount of investment under Articles 98-1, 108-2, 128-1, 208-5, and 216-1 of the same Law.
The provisions of Article 156-4 of the Company Law requiring issuance of stock certificates to the public, and the provisions of Article 267 of the same Law requiring setting aside a certain percentage of new shares (issued as a result of capital increase by cash) to be purchased by the employees of the invested enterprise shall not apply to an investor's investment if such investment accounts for 45% or more of the total capital of the enterprise in which he/she invests.
If the investor's investment is made in conjunction with a foreign national who makes the investment under the Statute for Investment by Foreign Nationals, and if their aggregate investment amount accounts for 45% or more of the total capital amount of the invested enterprise, the provisions referred to in the preceding Paragraph shall, mutatis mutandis, apply thereto.
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