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Directions for the Implementation of Continuing Education for Directors and Supervisors of TWSE Listed and TPEx Listed Companies 

Amended Date: 2019.08.08 
Categories: Corporate Governance
    II Purpose of Implementation
  1. A TWSE or TPEx listed company shall integrate all resources for corporate governance, and establish mechanisms and methods for continuing education for directors and supervisors, so that they can have easy access to relevant information, and maintain their core values and professional edge and ability.
  2. To enliven the continuing education environment for directors and supervisors, a TWSE or TPEx listed company shall encourage interaction between directors and supervisors of different companies through international organizations or private institutions promoting and advocating corporate governance.
  3. The TWSE or TPEx listed company shall, through systematic promotion and implementation, enable its directors and supervisors to achieve maximize actual effectiveness out of continuing education, with the help of a curriculum design that is computerized, diversified, user-friendly, and flexible.
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