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Taiwan Securities Association Rules Governing Underwriting and Resale of Securities by Securities Firms 

Amended Date: 2024.06.27 (Articles 11, 33, 52-2, 73 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2016.04.12 
Article 59     After being consigned to undertake subscription, a broker shall, on a daily basis, input data from the subscription forms into the TWSE's computer system by batch file transmission or terminal key-in. Before the drawing, data from subscriptions where the processing fee, subscription payment, or postage expense for lottery winner notification cannot be deducted on schedule due to insufficient bank funds and data from duplicated subscriptions shall be excluded, and fees already deducted shall not be returned.
    On the date of the public drawing of lots, a list of qualified and unqualified subscribers as set forth under the preceding paragraph shall be made available by the TWSE for review at the TWSE and the business premises of the lead underwriter and brokers (the list at each broker's place of business shall include only the names of subscribers who have subscribed through that particular broker).
    Where there has been duplicated subscription as set forth under paragraph 1, the subscriber shall be notified by the underwriter by registered letter or by electronic means within one week of the closure of the offering period.