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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules for the Trading of Book-Entry Central Government Bonds  CH

Amended Date: 2011.01.12 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Other Securities
Article 13     Trading orders of the Central Bonds shall be keyed in by the inputter of the securities firm participating in the transaction. Such orders shall include the code of the securities firm, serial number of the brokerage order ticket, type of order ticket, account number of the principal, code of the bond, type of trade, unit price, volume, and sale/purchase for each and every transaction in sequential order according to the information contained in the brokerage order ticket delivered by the sales representative, provided the TWSE may adjust the above items depending on actual need.
    With regard to the numbering of the brokerage order tickets in the preceding paragraph, the securities broker shall assign a serial number to each ticket in the order the orders are received, separately on each individual computer terminal. A securities dealer shall assign the serial number in the order of dealing trading orders.