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Rules & Regulations Diectory provides RSS Service
You could easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from News Release.
1. What is RSS ?
  RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content.
It's an easy way to keep up with news and information that you find important or interesting,
and helps you save time by not needing to visit each site regularly.
2. How to Subscribe RSS ?
  1.) Download RSS Reader or Use RSS Feeds in Outlook
  2.) Find the RSS icon or button RSS and subscribe.
  3.) Right click on the RSS icon or button.
  4.) Select Copy Link Location to copy the URL of the feed.
  5.) Go to your RSS Reader or Outlook
  6.) Paste the URL into your RSS Reader or Outlook.
3. Download RSS Reader for free.
  1.) SharpReader
  2.) RssReader