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Regulations Governing the Administration of Shareholder Services of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2022.03.04 
   Chapter II Company Shareholder Services
      Section IV Book Closure, Distribution of Dividends, and Issuance of New Capital Stocks
Article 41    A company shall not handle any requests for transfers of shares within 60 days prior to the shareholders meeting, 30 days prior to the special shareholders meeting, or 5 days prior to the record date for the distribution of dividends, bonuses or other interests.
    Where a stock is listed on the stock exchange or traded on the OTC market, the company shall within the required time period notify the stock exchange or the OTC securities exchange and the centralized securities depository enterprise of the reason for the book closure and the book closure period. It shall also give such a notice of the reasons and the applicable period for any amendment to or cancellation of the book closure.
    The provisions of the preceding paragraph concerning notification to the centralized securities depository enterprise shall apply mutatis mutandis to companies that are not listed on the stock exchange or traded on the OTC market and whose stock certificates are in the custody of a centralized securities depository enterprise, or that have not printed stock certificates and whose stocks are registered with a centralized securities depository enterprise.
Article 42    Where a company distributes dividends, it shall notify each registered shareholder of the date and location as well as transmit such information via the information reporting website designated by this Commission; after transmission has been completed, public notice shall be deemed to have been duly given.
Article 43    Where a company distributes cash dividends or issues new capitalization stocks, and the stock holder has failed to complete registration of transfer before book closure, the transfer of stock dividends or new capitalization stocks through a letter of consent, or a declaration that it is the owner of such stock or new capitalization stock must be made within five days from the book closure; if that deadline has passed, the stock holder shall contact the previous owner for private resolution of the matter.
    When a stock owner makes a withdrawal from the centralized securities depository enterprise of shares held in custody in a dedicated account at the centralized securities depository enterprise, but registration of the transfer is not made before book closure, upon completing the transfer procedure, the company may withdraw and complete delivery of the stock dividends and new capitalization stock from the dedicated account of the centralized securities depository enterprise.
Article 44    When a company distributes cash dividends, handles rights issue subscription, or issues new capitalization stocks, shareholders who have opened a discretionary investment account shall handle the portion involving discretionary investment in accordance with the relevant regulations prescribed by the securities centralized depository enterprise.