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Regulations Governing The Use Of Trading Information  CH

Amended Date: 2013.01.28 
Categories: Information Operations
   Chapter IV Equipment Rooms
Article 20    A user applicant maintaining equipment rooms to transmit or broadcast trading information shall first obtain approval from the TWSE, and shall file a report with the TWSE in the event the equipment room is relocated or its use is cancelled.
Article 21    The following information shall be submitted by user applicants applying to set up an equipment room for relaying trading information:
  1. The name, location, and contact telephone number of the equipment room.
  2. The equipment room layout floor plan and front view drawing and a network structure diagram.
  3. A list of the persons responsible for the equipment room.
    When a user applicant sets up an equipment room through a telecommunications enterprise by means of co-hosting or leasing of space in its equipment room, it shall file photocopies of the relevant documents with the TWSE.
Article 22    A user applicant shall make available in each equipment room a list of equipment used there or of channels through which trading information is broadcast.
    In order to facilitate inspection by the TWSE, transmission or broadcasting equipment installed in equipment rooms shall be conspicuously marked and segregated from equipment not used for transmitting or broadcasting trading information.
Article 23    Personnel assigned by a user applicant to work in an equipment room shall cooperate with the TWSE's inspectors, and may not refuse or evade inspections.