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Securities and Exchange Act  CH

Amended Date: 2023.06.28 

Title: Securities and Exchange Act(2009.06.10)
Article 43-5 After a public tender offeror has initiated a public tender offer, it may not suspend the public tender offer except in any of the following circumstances, where the Competent Authority has granted approval:
1. The public company whose securities are being purchased encounters any material change in its financial or business condition and the offeror has presented evidence of the change.
2. The offeror becomes bankrupt, dies, is declared by a court to be under guardianship or assistance, or is required by a court ruling to undergo reorganization.
3. Other circumstances specified by the Competent Authority.
Where content reported or publicly announced by an offeror violates an act or regulation, the Competent Authority may, as necessary to protect the public interest, order the offeror to amend the particulars of the public tender offer report and carry out reporting and public announcement procedures anew.
If the offeror fails to acquire the proposed number of shares within the tender offer period or suspension of the public tender offer is approved by the Competent Authority, the offeror may not, within one year therefrom, carry out a public tender offer on the same company, unless it has legitimate reasons and has obtained approval from the Competent Authority.
If, after the public tender offer, the total number of issued shares of the acquired company held by the offeror and its related parties exceeds 50 percent of the total number of shares issued by the company, the offeror may, by a proposal in writing, with reasons stated therein, request the board of directors to convene a special meeting of shareholders; the restrictions set forth in Article 173, paragraph 1 of the Company Act shall not apply.
Article 183 This Act shall be enforced from the date of promulgation, with the exception of Article 54, Article 95, and Article 128, which were amended and promulgated on 19 July 2000 and enforced from 15 January 2001, Articles 14-2 through 14-5 and Article 26-3, which were amended on 20 December 2005 and enforced from 1 January 2007, the articles amended on 5 May 2006, which are enforced from 1 July 2006, and the articles amended on 26 May 2009, which are enforced from 23 November 2009.