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Securities and Exchange Act  CH

Amended Date: 2023.06.28 

Title: Securities and Exchange Act(2021.01.27)
Article 54 (Disqualifications of Associated Persons)
    Associated persons employed by securities firms whose duties relate to the securities business shall have reached the age of majority and possess the qualifications required by relevant acts and regulations, and shall not fall within one of the following categories:
  1. Having been adjudged bankrupt and not reinstated, or having been declared by a court to be under guardianship or assistance and that declaration has not been voided.
  2. Concurrently holding a position with another securities firm, provided that this restriction shall not apply when there is an investment relationship and the Competent Authority has granted approval allowing concurrent holding of the position of director or supervisor at the invested securities firm.
  3. Having been sentenced to a criminal penalty of severity equal to or greater than a term of imprisonment for fraud, breach of trust, or violation of laws governing business and industry, and three years have not elapsed since the date of completion of the sentence execution, the expiration of suspension of sentence, or the pardon of such punishment.
  4. Falling under any of the situations specified in either subparagraphs 2 through 4 or subparagraph 6 of the preceding Article.
  5. Having violated orders issued by the competent Authority in accordance with this Act.
    The job title of the associated persons referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.