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Securities and Exchange Act  CH

Amended Date: 2023.06.28 

Title: Securities and Exchange Act(2022.11.30)
Article 22-1 (Shareholding Dispersal Standards for Issues of New Shares for Capital Increase)
    In the issuance of new shares to increase the capital by an issuer under this Act, the Competent Authority may prescribe the shareholding dispersal standards.
    The Competent Authority shall prescribe regulations governing the conditions required to be met, operation procedures, and other matters for compliance in connection with a public issuer's convening of shareholders meetings, shareholders' meetings with video conferencing, the exercise of shareholders' meeting voting power in writing or by way of electronic transmission, shareholder services including shareholder or stock affairs, in-house or outsourced handling of shareholder services, evaluation of shareholders services, and other matters relating to shareholder services.