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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Articles of Incorporation  CH

Amended Date: 2020.07.01 
Categories: Basic Laws and Regulations

Title: Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Articles of Incorporation(2016.06.24)
Article 8     The total capital of the Corporation shall be NT$6,769,456,130divided as 676,945,613 shares with a par value of NT$10 per share. All the shares shall be fully issued.
Article 34     If the Corporation has gained profits within a fiscal year, 1% and 12% of the profits shall be reserved as the employees' compensation. However, in case of the accumulated losses, certain profits shall first be reserved to cover them.
     The reserve ratio determined for the employees' compensation of the current year shall be resolved with a consent of a majority of the directors present at a meeting attended by more than two thirds of the total directors and reported to the shareholder's meeting by the Board.
Article 34-1      At the end of fiscal year, the Corporation shall first compensate the accumulated losses with profits after tax, before contributing 10% of the remaining net profits as legal reserve as well as a certain percentage of the remaining net profits as special reserve determined by the competent authority in accordance with the Regulations Governing Stock Exchanges; further plans to allocate the remaining profits after tax, together with the retainednet profitsearlier at the beginning of the fiscal period and the remaining net profits of the current year shall be proposed and submitted by the Board to the shareholder's meeting for its resolution.
Article 35-1      While planning the budget for the next year during every fiscal year, 3% to 5% of the Corporation's profits after tax of the previous year shall be reserved for donation or to support social welfare programs; reserve ratio shall be determined by a resolutionof the Board.