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Relevant Laws

Title:Company Act (2018.08.01)
Article 142     Where subscriber delays payment for shares as provided in the preceding article, the promoters shall fix a period of not less than one month and call upon each subscriber to pay up, declaring that in case of default of payment within the stipulated period their right shall be forfeited.
    After the promoters have made the aforesaid call, the subscribers who fail to pay accordingly shall forfeit their rights and the shares subscribed to by them shall be otherwise sold.
    Under the aforesaid circumstances, compensation for loss or damage, if any, may still be claimed against such defaulting subscribers.
Article 266     The provisions contained in this section shall govern the issue of new shares by installments under Article 156, Paragraph Four.
    The issue of new shares of a company shall be determined by the Board of Directors by a resolution adopted by a majority vote at a meeting attended by over two-thirds of the directors.
    The provisions of Article 141 and Article 142 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the issue of new shares.
Article 273     When a company publicly issues new shares, the board of directors shall prepare forms of subscription, setting forth therein the following particulars, to be filled by each subscriber with the number of shares subscribed, the kind and value thereof, and his domicile or residence, and to be signed and sealed by the subscriber:
  1. Particulars specified in Article 129 and Paragraph One of Article 130;
  2. The total number of shares originally authorized or the number of shares already issued out of the total number of authorized shares after increase of capital and the value thereof;
  3. Particulars specified in Article 268, Paragraph 1, Items 3 to 11; and
  4. The time of payment for shares subscribed.
    When a company publicly issues new shares, the company shall insert in the aforesaid forms of subscription the serial number of the document of approval and the date of approval by the competent authority in charge of securities affairs and shall, within thirty days after receipt of the notice of approval from such authority, publicly announce the particulars specified in the preceding paragraph together with the serial number of the document of approval and the date of approval and issuance of such shares. The business report, inventory, meeting minutes and the matters agreed upon with underwriter or distributing agency need not be publicly announced.
    After the expiration of the time-limit set forth in the preceding paragraph, if a company still desires to invite public subscriptions, a new application shall be filed.
    If the director designated to represent the company fails to prepare the forms of subscription in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph I under this Article, such director shall be subject to a fine of not less than NT$ 10,000 but not more than NT$ 50,000 to be imposed by the competent authority in charge of securities affairs.