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Relevant Laws

Title:Securities and Exchange Act (2021.01.27)
Article 154 (Compensation Reserve and Priority of Claims)
    A stock exchange may set aside a compensation reserve out of the fees charged from securities transaction to cover the payments specified in the preceding Article; the method of assessing the reserve, the rate of assessment, the conditions for suspension of the lodgment, and the method of custody and management of the reserve shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority. Claimants in cases arising from transactions on the centralized securities exchange market shall have preferential right to the securities clearing and settlement fund as specified in Article 108 and Article 132 in the following order of priority:
  1. the stock exchange.
  2. the principal in brokerage transactions.
  3. securities brokers or dealers.
    In the event the securities clearing and settlement fund is insufficient to meet such claims, the unsatisfied portion of the claims may be compensated in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 55.