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Relevant Laws

Title:Securities and Exchange Act (2021.01.27)
Article 110 (Penalties for Legal Violations by Members)
    Where of any of its members commits the following acts, the membership stock exchange shall fine the member for breach of contract, and may warn, suspend or restrict such member from trading securities on its centralized securities exchange market, or may expel the member:
  1. violated an act or regulation, or administrative disposition made pursuant thereto.
  2. violation of the articles of association, business bylaws, standards for executing commission contracts, or other bylaws of the stock exchange.
  3. violation of the principles of integrity and fair dealing in transactions, and the violation is sufficient to cause damage to others.
    The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed in the articles of association.
Article 133 (Penalties for Violation of Article 110)
    A company-type stock exchange shall specify in the contract that the violation of Article 110 by a securities broker or a securities dealer which trades on its centralized securities exchange market shall result in a fine for breach of contract, or the imposition of suspension or restriction of its trading rights, or the termination of the contract.