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Relevant Laws

Title:Company Act (2021.12.29)
Article 185     A company shall not do any of the following acts without a resolution adopted by a majority of the shareholders present who represent two-thirds or more of the total number of its outstanding shares:
  1. Enter into, amend, or terminate any contract for lease of the company’s business in whole, or for entrusted business, or for regular joint operation with others;
  2. Transfer the whole or any essential part of its business or assets; or
  3. Accept the transfer of another’s whole business or assets, which has great bearing on the business operation of the company.
    For a company which has had its share certificates publicly issued, if the total number of shares represented by the shareholders present at shareholders’ meeting is not sufficient to meet the criteria specified in the preceding paragraph, the resolution to be made thereto may be adopted by two-thirds or more of the attending shareholders who represent a majority of the total number of its outstanding shares.
    Where stricter criteria for the total number of attending shareholders and for the number of votes required to adopt a resolution at a shareholders’ meeting referred to in the preceding two paragraphs are specified in the Articles of Incorporation of the company, such stricter criteria shall govern.
    A proposal for doing any of the acts specified in Paragraph One shall be submitted by the Board of Directors by a resolution adopted by a majority vote at a meeting of the Board of Directors attended by over two-thirds of the directors