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Relevant Laws

Title:Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (2020.05.05)
Article 91     Where the principal fails to fulfill its settlement obligations on time, the principal is in default. In such an event, the securities broker shall report the default in accordance with the TWSE Guidelines for Securities Brokers in Reporting Delayed Settlement and Default by Principals , and shall simultaneously notify the principal.
    When the principal is an offshore overseas Chinese or foreign national, or a mainland area investor, and a report of delayed settlement has been filed in accordance with Article 82, paragraph 2, if settlement is not completed in accordance with provisions and it is not an out-trade, the principal is in default. The securities broker shall handle the matter pursuant to the provisions in the preceding paragraph.
    A securities broker which receives securities or consideration in accordance with paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 of this Article shall engage another securities broker to dispose of it on the Exchange no later than the first business day after the principal's default. Thereafter, the securities broker shall forthwith report to the TWSE and notify its principal in accordance with the Guidelines for Securities Brokers in Reporting Delayed Settlement and Default by Principals. However, those securities which belong to the same account and are of the same type and same volume may be offset against each other.
    Where the aggregate number of [shares represented by] the share certificates of securities received by a securities broker under paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 during the period of a single default reaches 5 percent or more of the number of shares of the underlying securities already issued, and furthermore reaches or exceeds the average daily volume of the underlying securities during the 20 trading days prior to reporting of the default, the securities broker may adopt either of the following measures to handle the default:
  1. If handling of the default cannot be completed through reverse transactions during the 3 consecutive business days from the day next following the date of confirmation of the default by the principal, the securities broker, by reaching a mutual agreement with the principal or by notice to the principal, may, depending on market conditions, in accordance with the content of the agreement or the notice, complete handling of the default through reverse transactions within 180 days, and report the agreement or notice to the TWSE via letter for recordation.
  2. The securities broker may reach an agreement with the principal setting a price(s) to serve as the basis for calculating profit/loss, and submit the written agreement reached between the parties to the TWSE via letter for recordation.
    Based on the report of a securities broker referred to in paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 of this Article, the TWSE will forthwith notify each securities broker, which shall act in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 76 hereof.
    In the event that the principal suffers losses or there is any other dispute arising out of the notification sent by the TWSE to each securities broker based on the report by a securities broker, the securities broker reporting the default shall be fully responsible therefor.
    If a securities broker, for a reason not attributable to the broker, is unable in a timely manner to take measures pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4, it shall prepare a handling record and keep it on file for inspection along with related documentary evidence.
Article 136     Where any securities firm violates paragraph 4 of Article 25, Article 26, paragraph 2 or paragraph 3 of Article 58, subparagraph 5 of paragraph 1 and paragraph 3 of Article 75, paragraph 2 of Article 75-1, paragraph 2 of Article 75-2, Article 77-4, paragraph 5 of Article 80, Article 81, paragraph 1, 2, or 3 of Article 82, Article 82-1, paragraph 2 of Article 83, paragraph 1, 2, 3, 5, or 6 of Article 91, paragraph 2 of Article 91-1, paragraph 2 of Article 92, paragraph 2 or 3 of Article 94, or Article 113-1, or fail to make correction or improvement within the time limit designated in accordance with the preceding article, the TWSE may warn them or impose a breach penalty of not more than NT$300,000, and notify it to make correction or improvement within a prescribed time limit.