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Relevant Laws

Title:Company Act (2021.12.29)
Article 241     Where a company incurs no loss, it may, pursuant to a resolution to be adopted by a shareholders’ meeting as required in Paragraphs One to Three of the preceding Article, distribute its legal reserve and the following capital reserve, in whole or in part, by issuing new shares which shall be distributable as dividend shares to its original shareholders in proportion to the number of shares being held by each of them or by cash:
  1. the income derived from the issuance of new shares at a premium;
  2. the income from endowments received by the company.
    The provisions set out in Paragraph Four and Paragraph Five of the preceding Article shall be applicable mutatis mutandis to the capitalization of reserves to be effected under the preceding Paragraph.
    Where legal reserve is distributed by issuing new shares or by cash, only the portion of legal reserve which exceeds 25 percent of the paid-in capital may be distributed.