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Relevant Laws

Title:Securities and Exchange Act (2021.01.27)
Article 43-3 (Prohibition During the Public Tender Offer Period of Purchase By Any Other Means of the Same Type of Securities of the Public Company or Beneficial Securities of the Real Estate Investment Trust Under the Real Estate Securitization Act)
    From the date of filing and public announcement until the date of lapse of the public tender offer period, the public tender offeror and its related parties shall not, through a centralized securities exchange, over-the-counter market, any other market, or by any other means, purchase the same type of securities of the public company or beneficial securities of the real estate investment trust under the Real Estate Securitization Act.
    A public tender offeror that violates the preceding paragraph shall be liable to the tenderer for damages up to the amount of the difference between the price paid for the securities purchased through other means and the price under the public tender offer, multiplied by the number of shares subscribed.