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Relevant Laws

Title:Regulations Governing Public Tender Offers for Securities of Public Companies (2023.12.04)
Article 7     Any public tender offer to purchase the securities of a public company shall not be made until after a report has been filed with the FSC and a public announcement made, except under the circumstances set forth in Subparagraphs 1 to 3 of Paragraph 2 of Article 43-1 of the Act.
    For any competitive public tender offer for securities issued by the same public company, a report of public tender offer shall be filed with the FSC and a public announcement made at least five trading days prior to the expiry date of the original public tender offer period.
Article 15     An Offeror shall mandate the institutions that are permitted by law to handle shareholder services for others to be responsible for the taking Tenderer's deposit of securities, the delivery of public tender offer prospectus, and the receipt and payment of the public tender offer funds or securities, etc.:
     A mandated institution shall set up a segregated account for the receipt and payment of funds or securities under the preceding paragraph, and shall perform its fiduciary duties faithfully and with due care.
     The mandated institution shall meet the qualifications and requirements specified in the Regulations Governing the Administration of Shareholder Services of Public Companies, and shall not have received any official reprimand or more severe disciplinary action by the FSC in connection with public tender business within the most recent year. This restriction need not apply, however, if concrete steps have been taken to correct the infraction and the FSC has recognized the improvement.
    When a mandated institution takes deposit of securities from the Tenderer, it shall issue to the Tenderer a receipt describing the types and number of the securities.
    When a mandated institution takes deposit of securities from the Tenderer by means of book-entry via a securities firm or a custodian bank, it shall comply with regulations applying to centralized securities depository enterprises.