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Relevant Laws

Title:Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (2021.05.11)
Article 55     The trading of securities on the Exchange shall be conducted by automated computer trading. Where it is deemed necessary by the TWSE, other trading method may be employed.
    The regulations governing the trading of bonds, beneficial certificates, depositary receipts, call (put) warrants, convertible bonds, certificates carrying rights to convert bonds into shares, corporate bonds, securities with warrants, foreign stocks, and ETNs shall be separately prescribed by the TWSE.
    If beneficial securities or asset-backed securities issued under the Financial Asset Securitization Act, or REAT beneficial securities issued under the Real Estate Securitization Act, are debt-type securities, the method of trading of such securities listed on the TWSE's market shall be subject, mutatis mutandis, to the regulations governing trading of corporate bonds under the preceding paragraph.