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Relevant Laws

Title:Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies (2022.12.15)
Article 43     Under any of the following circumstances, the FSC may order a public company to make improvements within a prescribed time limit, or, where necessary, to retain CPAs to conduct a special audit of its internal control system and submit an audit report to the FSC for recordation:
  1. Failure to set out its internal control system in writing.
  2. Failure to appoint an appropriate number of qualified personnel as full-time internal auditors.
  3. Failure to file a report within a prescribed time limit or fail to faithfully execute its annual audit plan.
  4. Failure to file a report on the implementation of its annual audit plan within the prescribed time limit.
  5. Failure to file a report on the correction of any defect or irregularity of the internal control systems discovered in an audit.
  6. Failure to conduct self-assessment of its internal control systems as required or to prepare an Internal Control System Statement.
  7. Serious instance of failure to correct a defect of the internal control system in accordance with the internal control recommendations issued by the CPAs.
  8. Serious instance of false external financial reporting or violation of a law, regulation, or bylaw.
  9. Any material malpractice or suspicion of malpractice.
  10. Other condition where the FSC deems a special audit to be necessary.