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Relevant Laws

Title:Securities and Exchange Act (2023.06.28)
Article 139 (Applications for Listing of Securities)
    An issuer of securities publicly issued under this Act may file an application with a stock exchange for its listing.
    In a new issuance of stocks by a listed company, such new shares shall be traded on a stock exchange upon its delivery to the shareholders. The Competent Authority may, however, impose restriction on its trading on a stock exchange in case any of the items provided in paragraph 1 of Article 156 is applicable.
    Any company that lists new shares as referred to in the preceding paragraph shall forward the relevant documents to the stock exchange within ten days after the listing of new shares.
Article 141 (Entering Into and Recordation of the Listing Contract)
    A stock exchange shall enter into a contact for public listing of securities with the company listing the securities. The contents of the contract shall not contradict the provisions of the rules on contract for public listing, and such contracts shall be filed with the Competent Authority for recordation.