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Securities and Exchange Act  CH

Amended Date: 2020.05.19 
Article 38-1 (Examination by the Competent Authority)
    When the Competent Authority deems necessary, it may from time to time appoint a certified public accountant, lawyer, engineer, or any other professionals or technicians to examine the financial and business conditions and related documents, statements, and account books of the issuer, securities underwriter, or other related parties and to submit reports or opinions to the Competent Authority, at the expense of the examinee.
    When shareholders who have been continuously holding, for a period of 1 year or longer, 3 percent or more of the total number of the outstanding shares of a company whose stock is listed on the stock exchange or traded over-the-counter deem that a specific matter materially damages the rights or interests of shareholders, they may apply to the Competent Authority with reasons, related evidence, and explanations of necessity, asking for inspection of the specific matter, related documents, and account books of the issuer. If the Competent Authority deems necessary, it will proceed pursuant to the preceding paragraph.