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Regulations Governing Certification of Corporate Stock and Bond Issues by Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2019.09.24 
Article 3     A company, and any lead underwriter, recommending securities firm, or shareholder services agent engaged by such company, shall not handle the certification of securities for a current issue or private placement that is under its management.
    Certification of securities issued or privately placed by a financial holding company may not be handled by its subsidiary company, and the certification of the securities of a financial holding company's subsidiary company may not be handled by another subsidiary company of that financial holding company.
    A certification case conducted before the 21 May 2009 amendment and issuance date of these Regulations that does not comply with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be brought into compliance with those provisions within three months from that date.
    The term "subsidiary company" as used in paragraph 2 means a subsidiary company as defined in Article 4 of the Financial Holding Company Act.