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Regulations Governing the Administration of Shareholder Services of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2022.03.04 
Article 44-17     When a company convenes a shareholders' meeting with video conferencing, when the meeting is called to order, the total number of shares represented by shareholders attending the meeting shall be disclosed on the video conferencing platform. The same shall apply whenever a new tally of the total number of shares represented at the meeting and the number of voting rights thereof is made during the meeting.
    When a shareholders' meeting of the company is called to order, a voting function shall simultaneously be provided for shareholders, proxy solicitors, or proxy agents taking party by video conferencing, and notice shall be given of the following matters:
  1. Those taking part by video conferencing shall cast votes on proposals and elections through the video conferencing platform, and shall complete the casting of their votes before the chair announces the close of voting, or will be deemed to have abstained from voting.
  2. Votes shall be counted at once after the chair announces the close of voting, and the results of votes and elections shall be announced immediately.
  3. Questions on individual proposals may be raised by inputting them through the video conferencing platform. A participant may not raise more than two questions on any single proposal, and each question raised may not exceed 200 words.
    During the meeting period of a virtual-only shareholders' meeting convened by a company, the meeting chair and secretary shall be at the same location within the country.